Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Master degree of Wireless Systems Scholarship

Ericsson believes in an "all communicating" world. Voice, data,
and video are conveniently communicated anywhere and anytime in the
world, increasing both quality-of-life, productivity and enabling a
more resource-efficient world. Now we are actively seeking more great
minds to make it reality. Move with us into the future.

We invite you to join us in sharing this vision and apply for this
scholarship to pursue Master degree within the area of Wireless
ms.shtml >, at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm,

Three scholarships are available and competition is very keen.

Applicant Eligibility

1. Applicants must be Indonesian citizens.
2. Must have finished Bachelor (S1) of Electrical/Electronics
Engineering, or Computer Engineering.
3. Courses must have included unit of fundamental mathematics in
linear algebra, Fourier methods, and probability theory.
4. Students must have taken (and passed with distinction) a general
course on Signals and Systems, including material on: continuous and
discrete time signals, sampling, linear filters and systems, and
Fourier methods.
5. Applicants must have good oral and written skills in English, and
a minimum TOEFL score of 600 (245 for computer-based test, or 85 for
Internet-based test) or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

Selection and Verification Process

1. Ericsson works with KTH to identify and select scholarship
2. Judges decisions are final and no correspondences will be
3. The academic year starts in August 2007 and lasts until June 2009
(including examinations).
4. Student should be arrived at KTH in early August 2007.
5. Applicants should be in healthy condition and it is supported by
recommendation letter by the general practitioner from local hospital.

Announcement of the Scholarship Award Recipients

The winner is expected to be in Jakarta on May 29 to receive the

Program Limits

1. Ericsson retains the right to change or terminate this program at
any time, and prior notification will be made accordingly.
2. Ericsson is not responsible for lost applications, lost
verification of enrollment, or information or materials misplaced or
delayed through the mail or other delivery processes.
3. Once submitted, all information and materials become the property
of Ericsson, and will not be returned. All information will be kept

How to Apply

Please get the application through ScholarshipApplication.pdf and
follow the instruction.
(Applications & requirements must be received by Ericsson no later
than April 30, 2007)

You must carefully read the terms and conditions and please submit
all the required documents according to the Checklist School of
Electrical Engineering
t_School%20of%20Electrical%20Engineering.pdf >

Send the application to:

PT Ericsson Indonesia
Code: Scholarship

Attn: Yoke Prabandari
Internal Relations Manager

Marketing & Communications Division
Wisma Pondok Indah, 2nd Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda V TA
Jakarta 12310 - Indonesia
Office: +62 21 769 2222
Fax: +62 21 769 7288
Email: yoke.prabandari@...

General Conditions of Award:

Participants shall follow the program approved for them. Request for
change of program will not be entertained. Participants should
participate in all activities related to the program. Participants
are not allowed to participate in any political and/or commercial
activities in any capacity whatsoever.

* This award is valid for selected participants only.
* Participants will be required to return to Indonesia upon
completion of the course or at the end of the tenure of the
scholarship whichever is earlier.
* The award may be terminated at any time for the reasons of
unsatisfactory conduct, breaches of the conditions of the award, or
failure to make satisfactory progress.

Terms and Condition Covered by Ericsson:

* A return air ticket on economy class is provided Jakarta -
Sweden - Jakarta. Expenditures such as excess baggage fees and others
related will be borne by the recipients.
* Tuition Fee and daily subsistence allowance will be given by
Ericsson and will be arranged by KTH.
* Selected travel & medical insurance is provided during
recipients stay in Sweden.