Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PhD Empirical Economics - Granada

PhD Empirical Economics

University of Granada (Spain)


Ph.D. Empirical Economics E2

University of Granada, Spain

The Department of Economics at University of Granada begins in
September 2007 a new doctoral program on Empirical Economics, named
E2. E2 is a new high quality doctoral program intended to educate
social scientists to undertake top research in Economics and
Management. E2 is the perfect environment to develop potential skills
for new graduated students. E2 offers a number of basic courses
tought by professors graduated in leading institutions. Additionally
E2 supports a wide variety of optative course aimed to those students
with major interests in Banking & Finance, Behavioral Economics,
Economic History, Labour Economics, Management, Macroeconomics and
Public Economic.

Further information is available at:
Applicants are encouraged to follow the procedure detailed at E2

Prof. Pablo Brañas Garza Departamento de Teoría e Historia Económica
Universidad de Granada 18071 Granada, SPAIN

Application has to be received by 30. June 2007.