Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Walter Mangold Grant 2007

*1.* _*Purposes of these Scholarships*_
The Walter Mangold Trust Fund (?the Trust?) has been established to
implement the belief of the late Walter Mangold, that better
understanding between peoples, and consequently lessening of conflict,
can be achieved by improving communication between them. He considered
that the study of languages, and as a consequence the culture

with each language, is one way to attain those outcomes.
* One of the objects of the Trust is the provision of scholarships for
overseas students who apply to come to Australia to advance their
knowledge of English, and to gain an understanding of one or more areas
of Australian culture*.
*2. _Eligibility_*
In 2007 the Trust will have funds available to fund a small number of
grants to further this object.
In 2007 the Trust will be giving priority to applicants from Indonesia,
Vietnam and China and from South American countries where Spanish is
common language.
The amounts available in the 2007 grant round range from A$15,000.00 to
a maximum of A$25,000.00 for any specific grant.
Applicants must:

* demonstrate that their study or educational activity in Victoria
may make a significant contribution to their knowledge of English
and aspects of Australian culture which can be applied by them in
their home country;
* be coming to Australia to be enrolled in a tertiary course in
Victoria, or to undertake an educational activity in Victoria,
which furthers the objects of the Trust;
* satisfy and continue to satisfy the visa requirements for entry
into Australia and for remaining in Australia;
* submit a detailed program of study or educational activity, and
supported by references as to capacity and character;

Priority may be given to applicants whose financial circumstances would
not otherwise permit them to undertake studies or education activities
in Australia.
*Note:* * It is a condition provided in the Trust Fund Deed that as
of their program of study or educational activity a grant recipient
must :*

* *make a publication in Australia, or*
* *deliver one or more lectures in a public or educational
institution in Australia,*

*with the intention of furthering the education, communication and
understanding between peoples and cultures*.
*3. _Conditions_*
3.1 Compliance with the obligation to make a publication or to deliver
one or more lectures in a public or educational institution.
3.2 Payment of the grant must be made to the applicant, in Australia ,
(where appropriate), to an institution or service provider in Australia
to enable the purposes of the grant to be carried out.
*4. _Deadlines for 2007_*
4.1 Applications open on *2 April 2007*.
4.2 Applications must be received by close of business on * 15 June
4.3 Grant decisions may be announced 6-10 weeks after the application
closing date of 15 June 2007.
4.4 Grant Agreements will be completed as soon as practicable after the
successful applicants have been notified of the award of a grant.
4.5 Payments will be made on dates and in a manner to be agreed with
*5. _How to Apply_*
*Applications must be submitted on the application form which is
downloadable as a Word file under " Application Form" on this website.
The completed application form should be sent by e-mail in Word format
only to:*

Documents that are to be attached to an application, but cannot be
e-mailed, may be sent by facsimile to +613 9387-1973 or mailed to:
*Grant Applications Section*
*The Walter Mangold Trust Fund*
*PO Box 1074*
*6. _How we deal with your Application_*
6.1 Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by email or in
6.2 The Trust may require additional information.
6.3 Not all applications considered can be offered a grant, or the
amount requested approved.
6.4 All successful applicants will be required to sign a Grant
before any part of the grant payment is made.
6.5 All grant recipients are required to provide interim and final
reports as agreed and periodic or final statements of accounts for the
program activities as requested.
6.6 All grant recipients must comply with the conditions imposed in the
Grant Agreement.
6.7 Grants are made directly to the grant recipient unless otherwise
arranged with the recipient.
6.8 Information in applications will be dealt with in accordance with
the Trust?s Privacy Policy and all applicable legislation.
6.9 We will inform all applicants of the result of their application.
6.10 The decision of the Trustee on all applications is final.
6.11 Applications will not be returned to applicants. The Trust
the right to destroy part or all of the applications received a
reasonable time after the assessment period to which the application
6.12 Unsuccessful applicants will not automatically be considered as
applications for the next round of grants. You must re-apply for each
round of grants.