Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Scholarship to honour ACT police chief

The ACT government has announced plans to establish a scholarship in memory of Audrey Fagan, the Canberra police chief who took her own life two weeks ago.

Chief minister Jon Stanhope told the ACT legislative assembly yesterday that the scholarship would help Ms Fagan's legacy to endure.

The details are being finalised in consultation with Ms Fagan's family and the Ministerial Advisory Council on Women.

But Mr Stanhope said the scholarship would probably be for tertiary study, open to any Canberra woman working in the areas of care and protection.

“These women may be police officers like Audrey herself,” he said.

“They may be women working in allied health areas, or women providing professional or social support in areas involving domestic violence or victim support.

“By encouraging such women to further study and further professional development, I hope that we may deliver some dividend to the community in Audrey Fagan’s name."

“I hope too that in this way the government will keep fresh and inspirational the image and memory of a woman who gave so much of herself – perhaps too much of herself, as it turned out – to our community.”

The scholarship will be administered through the ACT's Ministerial Advisory Council on Women.
Source : http://ibnnews.org